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Rushdoony, The Roots of Reconstruction, p.459

Rousas John Rushdoony, The Roots of Reconstruction, Vallecito, California: Ross House Books, 1991, p.459

"This is why abortion is so damaging to the image of a doctor. To be a hangman is a legitimate office, and, through the centuries, there have been executioners of various kinds who have been normal, everyday members of their society. However, if a priest or pastor had ever assumed the office of an executioner, the response would have been a most justifiable shock, and a sense of horror. The religious office of priest and pastor is concerned with saving men, not killing them. Even where the clergy must strongly assent to an execution, they cannot alter the character of their calling by becoming an executioner. The office of an executioner, however, is a legitimate and necessary one in terms of Scripture and its requirement of capital punishment. Abortion, clearly, is not: it is against Biblical law (Ex. 21:22-23), and it is murder. For those whose calling is to heal, to kill is a flagrant violation of their office, and it leaves psychological scars even with those who seek abortion. (Anyone who has talked with or counseled women who believe in abortions and have had them, knows that their attitude towards their doctor is radically different from that of mothers who are against abortion. Such pro-abortion women will and do resent my views, but they view their doctors with contempt.)"