Five Solas


R. J. Rushdoony A Word in Season Vol. 6 5

R. J. Rushdoony A Word in Season Vol. 6 5

5. Love and Hate

R. J. Rushdoony

A Word in Season: Daily Messages on the Faith for All of Life, Volume 6, Vallecito, California: Chalcedon/Ross House Books, 2015, pp.13-14

1. Faith
2. The Great Subversion
3. Anarchy
4. None Other Gods
5. Love and Hate
6. Hate Conquers All
7. How to Love Your Neighbor
8. Debt
9. God and Taxes
10. Telling the Time
11. Proverbs
12. Birth of Christ Our King
13. The Pharisees
14. In Praise of Strong Language
15. Spiritual Arson
16. Confession
17. Cowardly Church Members
18. About Pastors
19. The Departing Pastor
20. Double Honor
21. Blindness
22. The Test of Preaching
23. Mummified Christians
24. Is the Church Obsolete?
25. Belonging
26. Laymen
27. Stumblebums
28. Junk Preaching
29. Soured Cream
30. Prayer as Insult
31. Christ and Delano
32. A Cheap God
33. The Everyday Sin
34. The Living God
35. Joy to the World
36. Taking Up the Cross
37. Listening
38. Contentment
39. Covetousness
40. Thou Shalt Not Steal
41. Self-Sufficiency
42. Problems
43. Keep Yourself in the Boat
44. The Birth of Our Lord
45. Happiness
46. Pleasures of Hatred
47. How to Be a Socialist Without Knowing It
48. Thou Shalt Not Covet
49. Calling Good Evil
50. Following the Leader
51. Sex Education
52. God with Us
53. Our Father
54. Priority
55. The Spirit and Life
56. John Knox and His Mother-in-Law
57. Real Wealth
58. Music
59. The Resurrection
60. Pleasing Men Not by Praise but by Prayer
61. Insulting Prayers
62. Men of Faith
63. Work and Progress
64. The Living God
65. Thieves’ Paradise
66. Folly on the Bench
67. Subsidizing Evil


 In these days, when men are making a cure-all of love and demand total love of all things, the words of Scripture are a refreshing and healthy antidote. Jesus Christ, in speaking to the church of Ephesus, commended them because they hated what He hated: “But this thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitanes, which I also hate” (Rev. 2:6). There are many such declarations in Scripture: all assume the necessity for hating as a part of the privilege of love. If we love that which is good, we will hate that which is evil. If we love and honor the joys and sanctity of marriage and family life, we will hate everything that works to destroy it. If we love our Christian faith and heritage, we will hate the anti-Christian forces that wage war against us. And if we love our country, we will hate those who subvert it, wage war against it, or seek to destroy it. (p.13)

 Love and hate are different sides of the same coin. Those who claim to be above hate are also beyond love. They do not feel strongly enough about anything to love it and hate its opposite. Such people are emotionally and intellectually sterile. (p.13)

 The love-mongers, who preach endlessly about loving everything and “love” as a way of salvation, are really not talking about love. They are asking for the toleration of evil. Anyone who asks us to love unrepentant criminals, subversives, hoodlums, rioters, and ungodly and anti-Christian persons is asking us to tolerate these people and to allow them to have their way. They are asking us to tolerate evil, to give it freedom to destroy us, and to destroy our Christian law and order. Anyone who asks us to tolerate evil is actually asking us to love evil and to hate good, but they are not honest enough to say so. For example, one writer who recently wrote a book pleading for love and toleration for homosexuals, child molesters, and every other kind of pervert, spoke of the Bible and Christianity with savage hatred, and said, of Christian morality, “To be chaste is no longer praiseworthy; rather, it is something unnatural, and therefore almost intolerable.” (p.14)

 Such people pretend to be against hate, but they are simply preaching the love of evil, and the hatred of all that which is holy and good. Their purpose is to convert you from the love of God to the love of evil. (p.14)