Five Solas


R. J. Rushdoony A Word in Season Vol. 5 18

R. J. Rushdoony A Word in Season Vol. 5 18

18. The Fright Peddlers

R. J. Rushdoony

A Word in Season: Daily Messages on the Faith for All of Life, Volume 5, Vallecito, California: Chalcedon/Ross House Books, 2014, pp.39-40

1. By Him All Things Consist
2. The Call to Victory
3. Let the Dead Bury the Dead
4. The Great Retreat
5. Choices
6. Oppression as Law
7. Property and the Family
8. Am I My Brother’s Keeper?
9. See Life
10. The Straightness of God’s Rule
11. Peace Among Ourselves
12. Remembering God
13. A Story Without an Ending
14. Which Savior?
15. National Defense
16. “That Thy Days May Be Long”
17. Honor Thy Father and Mother
18. The Fright Peddlers
19. The Christ Child
20. Trees and Babies
21. Power Poles
22. Profane Living
23. The Needed Change
24. Wisdom
25. Trashiness
26. Is the Underdog Always Innocent?
27. Chaos vs. Order
28. Is the Family Finished?
29. Discipline
30. The Trouble with Statistics
31. Opinions
32. Idolatry
33. A Good Conscience
34. The Spiritual Man
35. Rejoice
36. Dangerous People
37. The Judgment of Hypocrites
38. Can We Sanctify Folly?
39. Giving to God
40. Mother Murder
41. How to Be a Blessing
42. How to Be a Curse
43. Basic Education
44. Horror Stories
45. A Bad Teacher
46. The Almighty
47. The Family of Christ
48. The Death of a Lady
49. The Gospel
50. The Failure of Peashooter Religion
51. The Inheritance of Patience
52. Love Is of God
53. The Everlasting Arms
54. “Pray Without Ceasing”
55. The Lamp
56. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
57. The Law of Kindness
58. Ingratitude
59. Thanksgiving
60. The Church
61. The Vindication of Joseph
62. Our Father
63. The Sons of God
64. In Due Season
65. Thanksgiving
66. Faith
67. Black Power
68. Accept No Substitutes
69. The Old Country Church
70. The Good Neighbor
71. Is Equality Possible?
72. Prejudice
73. Foolishness in the Heart
74. Weathermen
75. The Trouble with Thieves
76. Immoral Indignation
77. On Racism
78. Snobs
79. Foundations
80. Hearing and Speaking
81. Troubles and God The Author


 I read something last night which took me back to my school days, to the earlier years of elementary school, but not very pleasantly. It was a statement by a prominent “authority” that we have only enough coal, oil, and gas in the world's reserves to last another twenty years. I recall hearing that statement fifty years ago in a classroom! I was also told that the new weapons of warfare would lead to the obliteration of the human race if a second world war began, and that man's hope was in something called, I think, the Kellogg-Briand Peace Pact, which almost all nations signed, promising to end all wars, and in the League of Nations. In fact, I heard quite a few horror stories in school about what was going to happen to the human race unless something or other was done. Since then, the world has gone from bad to worse, sometimes because of some of the answers then proposed!

 But our children and grandchildren still get the same horror stories, and college classrooms are full of them. We are running out of gas and oil (although some good “authorities” less publicized say we have enough for at least 2000 years); we are running out of air, space, and everything, or so it is claimed. All of this, besides being false, breeds fear and hopelessness. It exalts some scientific planners as the only ones with the answers, and it makes the rest of us a herd of cattle headed for the stockyards, unless we listen to them.

 Above all else, it exalts the power of man to destroy, and it produces the fear of man. And this is sinful. God demands of us, “[W]ho art thou, that thou shouldest be afraid of a man that shall die, and of the son of man which shall be made as grass; And forgettest the LORD thy maker…?” (Isa. 51:12–13).

 The creation of the world and its government is the work of the Lord, and it is not in His declared plan that man will destroy it. The fright peddlers are giving too much power to man. It is God’s power they need to recognize, not man’s. If man is the basic power, then the answers must come from man, but if God is the sovereign power, then the answers must come from God, and none other. God has provided the answers, and they are in His Word. Our problem is that men pay no attention to them.