Five Solas


Rousas John Rushdoony The Institutes of Biblical Law XIV. 6

Rousas John Rushdoony The Institutes of Biblical Law XIV. 6

XIV. The Church

Rousas John Rushdoony

The Institutes of Biblical Law: A Chalcedon Study, Nutley, N.J.: Craig Press, 1973, pp.739-781

1. The Meaning of Eldership
2. The Office of Elder in the Church
3. The Christian Passover
4. Circumcision and Baptism
5. The Priesthood of All Believers
6. Discipline
7. Rebukes and Excommunication
8. Power and Authority
9. Peace


 Thus, there can be no true discipline in a church, or in school and home, unless there be also a full and faithful preaching of the law-word of God. Antinomianism cannot produce discipline. (p.769)

 It must be added, however, that, even as discipline cannot be equated with chastisement, so neither can discipline be equated with order. Order of sorts can also be an outcome of stagnation and death; the graveyard is usually an orderly place, far more orderly than the best of cities, but this is hardly a commendable order for life. False order is as alien to discipline as disorder. The common expression “law and order” sums up the matter. True order is a product of true law. The discipline of God’s law-word is alone productive of true order. (p.769)

 It should be added that there is an alternative in some cases to chastisement. This is separation. In Acts 15:36-41, we read of a serious disagreement between Paul and Barnabas. The answer to this conflict was not Matthew 18:15-20, followed by church trials and appeals. Had Paul and Barnabas chosen this course, neither would have been able to accomplish much work. Paul could have been tied down with endless appeals and trials on charges of slandering John Mark, or he could have accused Barnabas of failing to punish Mark for neglect of duty. Instead of Mark’s Gospel and Paul’s epistles, we would have had endless legal documents from both, if some modern churchmen would have their way. Instead, Paul and Barnabas separated, and both accomplished much in their separate courses. (pp.769-770)