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Gary North Millennialism And Social Theory 8

Gary North Millennialism And Social Theory 8

8. Historical Sanctions: An Inescapable Concept

Gary North

Millennialism And Social Theory, Tyler, Texas: Institute for Christian Economics, 1990, pp.185-209

1. Eschatology and the Millennium
2. What Is Social Theory?
3. Covenantal Progress
4. Pessimillennialism
5. The Society of the Future
6. Time Enough
7. Denying God's Predictable Sanctions in History
8. Historical Sanctions: An Inescapable Concept
 Honesty as the Best Policy
 Visible Sanctions and Truth
 The Rejection of Social Theory
 The Dispensational View of History
  A Missed Opportunity
  Cultural Irrelevance for Jesus' Sake
  A Startling Contrast
  Without the Sugar-Coating
 The Theology of the Rescue Mission
  The Truth Hurts
 A Perfect Pessimism
 The Quest for Relevance
  The Shaking of the Foundations
  The Impossible Dream
9. The Sociology of Suffering
10. Pietistic Postmillennialism
11. Will God Disinherit Christ's Church?
12. Our Blessed Earthly Hope in History
13. What Is to Be Done?
Appendix: The Lawyer and the Trust
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「あなたの贖い主/あなたを母の胎内に形づくられた方/主はこう言われる。わたしは主、万物の造り主。自ら天を延べ、独り地を踏み広げた。むなしいしるしを告げる者を混乱させ/占い師を狂わせ/知者を退けてその知識を愚かなものとする。僕の言葉を成就させ/使者の計画を実現させる。エルサレムに向かって、人が住み着く、と言い/ユダの町々に向かって、再建される、と言う。わたしは廃虚を再び興す。深い水の底に向かって、乾け、と言い/お前の大河をわたしは干上がらせる、と言う。キュロスに向かって、わたしの牧者/わたしの望みを成就させる者、と言う。エルサレムには、再建される、と言い/神殿には基が置かれる、と言う」(イザヤ書44章24~28節) (p.185)

 If Professor Muether's position on God's sanctions in history were true, then it would be impossible to construct an explicitly and uniquely biblical social theory, which is why, for over three centuries, those Christians who have espoused similar views of God's historical sanctions have failed to construct such a theory, and have rarely attempted to do so. This perspective on God's sanctions has been the dominant view within the modern Church. Theologians of all schools have been content to baptize this or that Enlightenment social theory, or else they have publicly abandoned the quest for social theory, only to import some Enlightenment variant in the name of common grace. There is no neutrality. There is, however, self-deception. I am suggesting here that Muether and all of his common grace amillennial colleagues are self-deceived. (p.185)