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Gary North Millennialism And Social Theory 8 The Truth Hurts

Gary North Millennialism And Social Theory 8 The Truth Hurts

8. Historical Sanctions: An Inescapable Concept

Gary North

Millennialism And Social Theory, Tyler, Texas: Institute for Christian Economics, 1990, pp.185-209

1. Eschatology and the Millennium
2. What Is Social Theory?
3. Covenantal Progress
4. Pessimillennialism
5. The Society of the Future
6. Time Enough
7. Denying God's Predictable Sanctions in History
8. Historical Sanctions: An Inescapable Concept
 Honesty as the Best Policy
 Visible Sanctions and Truth
 The Rejection of Social Theory
 The Dispensational View of History
  A Missed Opportunity
  Cultural Irrelevance for Jesus' Sake
  A Startling Contrast
  Without the Sugar-Coating
 The Theology of the Rescue Mission
  The Truth Hurts
 A Perfect Pessimism
 The Quest for Relevance
  The Shaking of the Foundations
  The Impossible Dream
9. The Sociology of Suffering
10. Pietistic Postmillennialism
11. Will God Disinherit Christ's Church?
12. Our Blessed Earthly Hope in History
13. What Is to Be Done?
Appendix: The Lawyer and the Trust
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The Truth Hurts

 When dispensationalists are called pessimists by postmillennialists - as we postmillennialists unquestionably do call them - they react negatively. This is evidence of my contention that everyone recognizes the inhibiting effects of pessimism. People do not like being called pessimists. Walvoord is no exception. But his self-defense is most revealing: "Well, I personally object to the idea that premillennialism is pessimistic. We are simply realistic in believing that man cannot change the world. Only God can."28 Realism! That sounds so much better. And what is the message of this dispensational realism? Pessimism. (pp.201-202)

28. Ibid., p.11-I. (p.201)