Five Solas


North, Millennialism And Social Theory, p.234

North, Millennialism And Social Theory, p.234

9. The Sociology of Suffering

Gary North

Millennialism And Social Theory, Tyler, Texas: Institute for Christian Economics, 1990, pp.210-237

1. Eschatology and the Millennium
2. What Is Social Theory?
3. Covenantal Progress
4. Pessimillennialism
5. The Society of the Future
6. Time Enough
7. Denying God's Predictable Sanctions in History
8. Historical Sanctions: An Inescapable Concept
9. The Sociology of Suffering
 A Covenant Lawsuit Without God’s Historic Sanctions
 Exercising Judgment
 Progressive Sanctification
  Progress in the Creeds?
  Outside the Cloister and the Family
 Personal Moral Progress Only Through Suffering
 The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth, Not the Wimps
 Resurrection, Then Crucifixion
 Incurable Schizophrenia; or, St. Verbiage’s Dance
 The Consequences of Christ’s Resurrection and Ascension
  The Hermeneutic of Persecution
10. Pietistic Postmillennialism
11. Will God Disinherit Christ's Church?
12. Our Blessed Earthly Hope in History
13. What Is to Be Done?
Appendix: The Lawyer and the Trust
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「婦人たちが行き着かないうちに、数人の番兵は都に帰り、この出来事をすべて祭司長たちに報告した。そこで、祭司長たちは長老たちと集まって相談し、兵士たちに多額の金を与えて、言った。「『弟子たちが夜中にやって来て、我々の寝ている間に死体を盗んで行った』と言いなさい。もしこのことが総督の耳に入っても、うまく総督を説得して、あなたがたには心配をかけないようにしよう。」兵士たちは金を受け取って、教えられたとおりにした。この話は、今日に至るまでユダヤ人の間に広まっている」(マタイによる福音書28章11~15節) (p.234)

 Bible-believing Christians must publicly affirm the reality of the bodily resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ in history. This means that Christians must also affirm the consequences of both the resurrection and the ascension, including their social and cultural consequences. Amillennialism's hermeneutic of persecution is therefore not valid as a primary classification device to evaluate the entire work of the Church in history. There is more to the progress of the Church in history than its persecution. In short, there is more to Christianity's victory in history than its hypothetical cultural defeat in history. But this is what amillennialism explicitly and self-consciously denies. It proclaims cultural defeat. (p.234)