Five Solas


McDurmon, Is the world really a sinking ship?, “The American Vision”

Joel McDurmon, Is the world really a sinking ship?: A critique of Christian pessimism, “The American Vision,” Nov 8, 2018
(, accessed on Nov 9, 2018)

 Finally, Jesus assures us that in this endeavor, He will be with us. Despite the fact that He soon ascended into heaven out of these very apostles’ sight, He assured them that He would remain with them in the Commission that He gave. In other words, the premillenialists’ insistence that Jesus must be physically present upon earth in order for His kingdom to change society fails to live up to Jesus’ own words. His physical presence here is not needed for this to happen. He has all power in heaven and on earth, and He can calm the storms of earthly society as easily from His throne in heaven as He did from His pillow in Mark 4.